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December 19, 2009

Hectic shopping…traffic jams…stress… Take a deep breath, drive to the Corniche – sea shore – park car and step out to see the blue of the sky and sea.  Remind everything’s going to be well.  Hope…Faith…Trust in the Prince of Peace…SHALOM !

Living in the Gulf region for the past 13 years has its many joys, challenges and triumphs! The hot weather has gradually abated to a cool, pleasant atmosphere. It’s a wow!

Seems as the weather cooled down, the pace too has…bringing a sense of well-being and hope.

Malls are decorated with red, green, white themes of Christmas ! The first coming of Saviour of mankind 2000+ years, not far from here. The malls waft out soft, carol themes and even hymns! Welcome change in the air!

I know the Reason for the Season. As I celebrate Him again, I will include by inviting many who don’t know Him to share my joy with them, and fewer who know Him! What about you, how will you celebrate the Prince of Peace, this week?

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